Building a New System

As flood and plague themes abound on the internet, I’ve been thinking about how we build a new system — a whole new infrastructure, social organization, political process, and way of interacting with one another. The old system is clearly on its last legs and even though some have been sounding the alarm for years, too many of us have been using our energies fighting old systems rather than conserving our precious energy to build new ones.

I have been reading, listening, and meditating a lot during this time of isolation. Over this last year, too, I’d been slowly turning away from the constant negative chatter and “heat” our media thrives on amplifying for profit. After many years of being an amplifier of political news myself, and fighting with those near and dear to me, I had finally carved out a political-free bubble on Facebook. Most importantly, I had mostly stopped being and active contributor to the negative voices. But I still stalked George Conway and Rachel Maddow’s tweets. I still became silently angry and incensed a few nights a week. And turns out, it took a pandemic to shock me out of this cycle — hopefully for good. I no longer have the desire to digest outrage after outrage about the President’s behavior on Twitter. Yes, I still find a lot of his actions abhorrent, but what good is tweeting or reading about it going to do? I know it gives us an illusion of control because we have none, but it wastes so much damn energy.

Energy we could be using elsewhere. Energy we could be using to build a new system.

I started thinking more intensely about this idea after listening to a Bruce Lipton podcast interview from 2017. In the podcast, he described the earth’s self-sustaining process of introducing new organisms that are generally more powerful than the existing organisms, and thus restoring balance. His theory was that Trump was contributing to an evolution as he was instigating rapid change toward deterioration. In fact, his presidency needed to happen to force change. And instead of fighting it, we need to come together to build something new. I’m not sure I agree that this presidency needed to happen, but I do agree that we need to come together. I know, both from personal experience and from watching it play out again and again on the internet stage, that fighting each other will simply make it worse.

Each one of us is an energy when we separate and stop fighting, but as individuals we have no power.

We need each other to collectively create a new community and bring about positive change.

Today, this pandemic has collectively played judo on us all to wake us up out of our slumber. We haven’t brought about the change that’s needed ourselves, so now we are being forced into it. We can keep resisting or we can take back some power by leaning into it. In fact, as is the case with all global disruptions of this magnitude, this is a time of huge opportunity. I will explore this idea more deeply in a future post, but of this I’m certain: More than ever, we need to center and open ourselves to the possibilities.




Tech and data geek with a splash of creative, proud Mama Bear, founder of, co-founder of @boobuddha

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Suzanne S

Suzanne S

Tech and data geek with a splash of creative, proud Mama Bear, founder of, co-founder of @boobuddha

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